A Quick Trip Over Travers Mountain

Looking out the window at the snow and listening to the forecast it doesn’t sound too promising that there is a ride in my future on the weekend after Christmas—however Kelly and I did get a short ride in the first part of December on a Saturday afternoon in the 40s. This time of year you have to take it as it comes and look for excuses to pull the bike out when the roads are dry and the temps aren’t quite freezing.

We headed south toward Traverse Mountain and climbed up to Suncrest and down into Alpine. The weather was nice and the view from the top was great of Jacob’s Ladder and the climb up Lone Peak. I remember when Corner Canyon and all this area were nothing but single track mountain bike trails and Jeep roads—Suncrest changed all that.

It looks like they’ve done some repairs on the road as we winded down into Alpine—at least there seemed to be fewer potholes than I remember the last time I was on this road. The view of Utah County and Utah Lake is very pretty from this perspective and traffic was light as we rolled into the curves heading down from Suncrest.

Believe it or not, there are some reasonably fun roads in the valley if you don’t mind riding through neighborhoods like this. Early this year, Kelly introduced me to a fun road on the south end of the valley that turned into 1300 West that would be very at home rolling through a canyon somewhere. If this little road over Suncrest were 20 or 30 miles outside of town, I would probably ride over it a lot more than I do now, but despite the fact that we’re in the middle of the suburbs, it’s a fun little ride.

After we dropped down into Alpine, we jumped on 92 headed toward I-15 where we took a short little hop to 2100 North and continued west to what we used to call the Lehi Crossroads where we turned north past Camp Williams to Bangerter where we turned right back toward I-15 and home.

While it wasn’t the three or four hours in the saddle we like to spend most of the year, it was nice to get outside for an hour or two, feel the wind in our face, and watch the road pass underneath our feet. And, it makes another 12 months in a row of at least one ride for 2015.

Have you been on the bike this month?