Dinner in Eureka?

A couple of weeks ago at the Celebrate Utah kick-off in Salt Lake, in addition to some tasty BBQ, the great folks at Harley-Davidson of Salt Lake had a few vendors there, including the Progressive rep. I’d been thinking about upgrading my rear shocks, and stopped to ask what he might recommend for my ’04 Road King Custom. He asked about how much time I spend on the road and how often I ride two up and loaded, among other things. Although the 944s are the new wiz-bang shock at Progressive, he recommended the 444s for me.

Progressive recommended 12′ shocks for my particular bike and a week later, I had them installed. Harley was offering to install them for free, but I wanted to get my hands dirty and decided to do it myself. Although you probably could do the entire job on your own, it was nice to have my friend Kelly in the garage with me to set the sag and get them adjusted.

Most of my friends are riding new bikes with bigger (and what looks like stiffer) frames. I’d been thinking about adding something to the rear frame and decided to go with the Progressive Touring Link. I don’t know why I waited for so long. I don’t think I’m imagining it, but the new rear shocks and the Touring Link feel like I have a much more positive connection to the road going into the curves.

I was really glad to have the extra pair of hands installing the Touring Link. It wasn’t that it was particularly difficult, but I needed to move my muffler out of the way, which I had never done, and the extra pair of hands was a lot of help. That said, having removed the heat shields and the muffler now, it will be much easier the next time. The actual installation of the Touring Link took all but 20 minutes or so. It went on slick as could be.

I’ve become a Progressive fan boy.

I’d been on a couple rides solo and was happy with the upgrade, but the real question was, “What will my wife think?” We decided to head down to Eureka for dinner and give the shocks a test run. We’re planning a trip south over Memorial Day and I wanted to make sure we had a ride or two under us with the new shocks to break them in and made an adjustment or two to make sure we had the right setup and she was comfortable.

Happy passenger equals happy tour. She liked the ride.

Traffic getting over to what we used to call the Lehi Crossroads was painful, but once we got to Saratoga Springs, we pretty much had the west side of Utah Lake all to ourselves. The wind was kicking up a lot of dust and the lake looked more brown than blue, but Sue mentioned a few times how much she liked the new shocks.

Pulling into the restaurant, we discovered they were only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We were a day early. The temperature had dropped a little so we put a hoodie on under our riding jackets and headed back to Lehi for something to eat and the ride home.

The wind had died down and just before the sun sets is one of my favorite times to ride. The light is soft and I enjoy watching the sun go down. The weather is beautiful right now—a great time to get out on the road and waste a few hours with the wind in your face. I’m looking forward to Saturday’s ride.