Four Canyons, 264 Miles, Five Hours, and One Bike = One Fun Saturday

Sometimes you just need some “alone time” to peel of a little mileage under your feet. Saturday was one of those days. I have some friends I like to ride with, but today I headed out on my own and spent a great few hours in the saddle.

Normally climbing over Parley’s Canyon is a crowded free-for-all that is necessary to get eastbound out of the city and into the mountain passes of the Uintah Mountains. It’s not my favorite stretch of highway and is usually just a part of the ride that is better over with, but it wasn’t very crowded Saturday morning so I could enjoy the climb with the cool morning breeze in my face as I headed out of the heat (and the chores) that would be waiting for me when I rolled back into the garage. Normally I see several bikes either coming or going into the Salt Lake Valley, but this particular morning I was the only one.